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 [Hot Tips!! ]

Q:1 How do I change sample images or logo to my owns at PowerPoint?
    When you change sample image/logo, you would go through View on menu, select a "Master", and select "Slide Master".
Now, you are in Master view regarding to change your own style template.
You can change image or text in Master mode

Q:1 How can I become a member of Theme Gallery?
    You can become a member of ThemeGallery for free.
To become a member, please go to the "My Gallery" page and fill out your registration form.

Q:2 I bought your product in a vendor site. Am I a member of Theme Gallery?
    Even If you bought our product, if you bought it in other site you are not a Theme Gallery member.
If you want to be a member of Theme Gallery, please register at Theme Gallery by filling out your registration form at the "My Gallery" page.

Q:3 I forgot my id and password.
    Please email us with the invoice mail that you receive from us.
After confirming we will give you an answer.

Q:1 How do I get my product?
    When you give the first order, you will be automatically moved to "View Basket" to download the product that you paid for.
But from the second order you have to go to "My gallery" page to get it after your payment.

Q:2 Can I download again, if I lost the files?
    You can download for your purchased theme anytime.
Login with your ID and Password. Click Download My Themes.
If you forgot your ID and Password then you have to send email the receipt to us.

Q:3 I bought a product at Theme Gallery, but there was no bill made by the name,
    Please be informed that a statement of credit card co. is made by 'Internet Shopping' on behalf of our company

Q:4 I want to know why I was billed less than the actual price of the product. Is it something wrong?
    You could be billed less because of the exchange rate difference between the dollar.

Q:5 I can't find "Theme Gallery" in my bill. Isn't it made by "Theme Gallery" in the statement of credit card?
    Please be informed that a statement of credit card co. is made by 'Internet Shopping' on behalf of our company.

Q:6 I am going to purchase five copies of this same theme. How can I go about doing this?
    We give a special discount to customers who buy multiple copies of our theme.
So if you let us know how many copies of our themes you are planning to buy,
we will give you the figure with a special discount and tell you how to pay for them.

Q:7 I tried to buy a theme from you but kept receiving an error message that no email address information was present. Could you help me please ?
    You could receive a message saying that your email address was missing from your contact info when you use other credit card other than VISA & Master Card. Our Worldpay payment system only accepts VISA & Master Card.

If this is a case, please try to purchase our product either with VISA or Master Card.

And if you still have a problem even after trying this, please contact us at

Q:8 Can I get a discount without sales ?
    Yes, you can.
If you purchase products by PayPal, you can get 5% discount more. Also, if you purchase product more than $150, you have to pay via paypal.

And if you still have a problem even after trying this, please contact us at
 [Downloading/ Security]

Q:1 I entered payment info and payment was successful, but whenever I push the
    You might have a downloading problem if you have any firewall such as "Zone Alarm Pro" on your computer to protect from any computer virus .
The firewall stops any .exe files from downloading to your computer.
So, please check your firewall on your computer first, if you have any, before downloading.
If you have a downloading problem regardless of the firewall, please contact our support team at

Q:2 I got to the page to enter my credit card information and I'm worried that it might be exposed to others for fraudulent use of my card. Is this site secure?
    Yes. We use WorldPay payment system which ensures our ThemeGallery customers the security of their credit card information. Any communication between you and WorldPay is encrypted to the maximum strength supported by the shopper's browser using TLS or 128 Bit SSL.

After checking out, you will continue on into our secure server to enter your credit card information when you click the "Continue" button.

Q:3 I paid for a product but I couldn't download it. What should I do?
    Have you checked your "My gallery"?
If you couldn't download a product in your "My gallery", send your questions through 1:1 Q&A at My Gallery.
*** Please use desktop PC / internet explorer 10 or later and try again. Our site may not work properly in other web-browser besides I.E.

Q:4 I want to download your Free Products.
    We offer Free Templates only to ThemeGallery members.

1.Login with your ID and Password.

2.You can freely download free sample templates at [My Gallery > Free Products]menu.

3.Click Download Free Products.

** Please use desktop PC / internet explorer 10 or later and try again.
Our site may not work properly in other web-browser besides I.E.
 [Custom service/ License]

Q:1 Can you make a new theme/template as I want?
    Partly, we can. We started the Custom service from Dec. 1st to give our customer more satisfaction. Go and see what kind of service we provide for you. Click here

Q:2 Can you change the color /design of the template to what I want?
    Of course, yes can. But if you want to change the color/design of the template, you have to order our Custom Service Click here

Q:3 Do you make flash design?
    Yes, we make a high-end flash design. To more details click here

Q:4 Can I resell the themes that I purchase in Theme Gallery?
    No, you may not resell, monopolize, permit to use, rent, loan, transfer our products in Theme Gallery with compensation. To more details click here

Q:5 Can I use the template that I purchase in Theme Gallery to develop a website for client?
    Yes, you can.

Q:6 Can I use the theme to make web sites for multiple clients?
    No, you shouldn't. The contents that you have purchased are restricted to only use for one web site. To more details click here
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