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The company

ThemeGallery is creating high standards of design template on the Presentation.
These professional quality design templates are made by Guild Design which has offered design templates for effective presentation.
They are customized to meet your needs.
We are a leading provider of compelling and easy to use PowerPoint template that helps individuals and businesses to make their presentations more successfully.

The Mission

We have endeavored to create variety of design templates and developed most suitable user interface. To provide products, services of the highest quality and deliver more value to our customers that earns their respect and loyalty.

 • Abundant & High quality Designed Templates.
We always work with talented artists to create fabulous designed products.
Creativity requires the enthusiastic commitment, the ideas and contribution of every artist.

 • Extension of product types.
Using cutting edge technology with top quality design of PowerPoint and the service, we are committed to customer requirements.

 • Custom Services
We offer custom services to customers with different needs for their own use.We believe Creating a diverse is a key driver of our success. We also create company logos for customers with customization at affordable price.

The Roots

ThemeGallery was formed after Guild Design, a graphic design agency in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Guild Design launched in 1998 as a design firm with expert designers.
They have been specifically optimized for use in Microsoft and PowerPoint.

In 1999 we have taken a part to work for Microsoft. We have participated in providing with Microsoft Korea to design PowerPoint themes and templates and Office also. We have been designated by Microsoft Korea on the marketplace as a competitive design service company in December 2002.

Design Career for Microsoft Office

 • MS Office 2007 Template(Asia) and Themes(KOR) Development.
 • MS PowerPoint 2007(USA) Themes Development.
 • MS PowerPoint 2003 Template Development.
 • MS Publisher 2000 Template Development (KOR).
 • MS Office 2000/XP Clipart Development.
 • MS FrontPage2000 Web templates Development (KOR).
 • MS Office XP Themes and templates Development(KOR).

OCT.2011 Supply contract with Microsoft for Office 2010 templates.
JAN.2009 Formed a partnership with a major image corporation in Taiwan.
SEP.2007 Supply contract with Microsoft for Asia templates and themes for Office 2007.
JUL.2006 Certified Venture Company (Seoul Regional Office Small & Medium Business Administration).
JUN.2006 Establish Company R&D Center(Korea Industrial Technology Association).
MAR.2006 Supply contract with Microsoft in USA for template of Office PowerPoint 2007.
AUG.2005 Certified the potential company for exporting (Seoul Regional Office Small & Medium Business Administration).
AUG.2005 Supply contract with Microsoft in Korea for templates of Office PowerPoint.
2004 We have expanded our market range and provided as a CP to DesignExchange Co., Ltd. in Japan.
2003 We have strengthened our commitment and we are working as a part of affiliates in the office marketplace of Microsoft.
ThemeGallery was selected as a perspective company by the government in March 2003 and encouraged to launch in three languages.( English/Japanese/Korean)

Contact us

For more information about ThemeGallery product accessibility, please contact the service care team. ThemeGallery customer support Monday through Friday (9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. GMT+9:00) excluding holidays via e-mail.

If you have any questions such as technical problems, download product, or bugs, please refer to ThemeGallery's Technical Support Team at

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