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Custom Services | Logo Design

Now meet your customized company logo at considerable price! ThemeGallery professional designers also service your own unique logo design as your request. Quality is higher than any one, and the price is very competitive to create tailor-made logo design.
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Logo design

Do you open your web site for your new business?
But you don't even have a company logo!
Don't worry! Be happy with our Logo design service.
Additional Service: Business card Design
If you order logo service, we will offer business card design service with an additional fee $50-100. Business Card design will be offered to you in illustrator file format. If you want our business card service, please order it to us along with the Logo service.

1. Standard type (Cost: $100 (1week))
After choosing one of the sample, please order your logo.

TG Logo S-22
TG Logo S-23
TG Logo S-24
TG Logo S-19
TG Logo S-20
TG Logo S-21
TG Logo S-16
TG Logo S-17
TG Logo S-18
TG Logo S-13
TG Logo S-14
TG Logo S-15
TG Logo S-10
TG Logo S-11
TG Logo S-12
TG Logo S-07
TG Logo S-08
TG Logo S-09
TG Logo S-04
TG Logo S-05
TG Logo S-06
TG Logo S-01
TG Logo S-02
TG Logo S-03
2. New type (Cost: ask for Seperate)
Create your logo as your own style.
** If you choose this service, please send us some references and detail description for your logo to know your request
TG Logo N-19
TG Logo N-20
TG Logo N-21
TG Logo N-16
TG Logo N-17
TG Logo N-18
TG Logo N-13
TG Logo N-14
TG Logo N-15
TG Logo N-10
TG Logo N-11
TG Logo N-12
TG Logo N-07
TG Logo N-08
TG Logo N-09
TG Logo N-04
TG Logo N-05
TG Logo N-06
TG Logo N-01
TG Logo N-02
TG Logo N-03
3. Animation type (Cost: $500 (2weeks))
 Create your logo with Animation effects.
** If you choose this service, please send us some references and detail description for your logo to know your request exactly

TG Animation Logo 01
TG Animation Logo 02
TG Animation Logo 03

This service is specially available for the cases as below.
>> Want to change the existing company logo to new one.
>> Just start their own Business.

We provide the logo as a .EPS file to you so that you can use this file for printing .
Ex) You can make a name card with it. You can print your brochure with it.


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